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About the Gallery

Welcome to the online gallery, presenting the collection of graphic novel books and prints of illustrations from The Domestic Bliss series by Gwen Turner.

Perfect bound book quality editions of each graphic novel can be viewed here: (comic book size: 26cm x 18cm).

There are six episodes in the series and when the final episode is complete; the collection of episodes will be bound as an epic edition.

The prints are available as high-resolution reproductions on Hahnemuhle Pearl paper at 290mm x 420mm original size per illustrated page.

Any other illustrations from the series can be printed on further request, and new work will be added as the series progresses.

All images on this web showcase are low-resolution scans and under copyright law, the illustrations are the property of the artist. Therefore, they must not be reproduced by any other person other than Gwen Turner who holds all originals and high-resolution copies of the work for distribution.

The Author exhibits originals and has chosen to make them available for purchase at a much later date.